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Stud Boys

  We currently DO NOT have a stud cat



As a general rule

If you are interested in bringing a female in to a stud you need to be aware of the following 

1. Your female must be on the active register - you can check this by looking at her GCCF registration document. If it says "no progeny to be registered" then she is not on the active register and should not be bred from. The only person who  can change this to an active registration is the original breeder.  We do need to see the registration document before mating to make certain that she is on the active list.


2. Her vaccinations must be up to date and we will require an FIV, Felv  blood test. (Snap Test)   This must be done by  your vet not more than  24 hours before or on the day that the cat comes in to stud. Your vet should be able to give you the results of this test straight away.  Call Carol on 01892 653861 if you are not clear about what is required.


3. We need to see a copy of the pedigree. This is needed to check that the proposed  mating is not too close to Cassies pedigree and therefore undesirable. It is probably best if this is checked before you come in order to save a wasted journey!


4. If your female has been on the pill or other forms of contraception then it is not desirable to mate her on her first call, it is better  to do this on her second or third call to get the effects of the pill out of her system.  DO NOT Frontline the girl just before coming in to stud - he will grip her neck and hates the taste of Frontline. Better to give any flea treatments a few days before you  anticipate coming in.  Also DO NOT  give your girl any flea treatments after she has been in to stud and whilst pregnant as this may have an adverse effect on the  unborn kittens


5. Your girl will be with us for three or four days - but she may take one look at the stud and decide that it was all a big mistake and then go 'off call'. Sometimes the females may take a day or two to get used to their new surroundings and then the hormones  take over and the matings commence.   We only do fully supervised matings i.e.  the queen is not left unattended with the stud.   This cuts down the possible danger of cross infection and is a safeguard both for your queen and our boy.  Quite often the queen will attack the stud after mating and whilst he will not retaliate and harm her she could do him some serious damage. So we only  do fully supervised matings.

6. The queen will be pregnant for approximately 65 days - so do work out your dates before you come in to stud - it is a bit late to suddenly realise that you are booked to go on holiday on the due date or Aunt Bessie is getting married and you are expecting  to go to the wedding.   Birmans do not appreciate being left to kitten on their own and are not always adept at doing what is  required i.e. breaking  the membranes or biting through the cord etc. So you should plan on being in attendance for the birth - day or night!!   Weaning takes place at  about 4 weeks after the birth so again you would need to plan to be around at that time to provide the kittens with several  small meals a day from then until they are 13 weeks and ready to go to their new homes.




So, if all of the above has not put you off, give us a call on 01892 653861 to make sure that the stud is free. If you want any further information then let us know.


Check List for coming in to stud.


1. Pedigree

2. Blood Test Results from your vet

3 Registration Document

4 Vaccination Certificate


Plus - The agreed stud fee.


Last updated  9th May 2013