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Colour varieties in The Birman Cat

When Birman Kittens are born they are colourless (white). Over the first few days the first signs of colour start to appear on the ears, mask (face) and legs and it is always an exciting time for breeders who are keen to see what colour their new kittens are. With some of the colours - like red or cream or lilac  it is impossible to see the full markings until the kittens are several months old.


Below are some of the more common colour variations.

All Birmans should have  deep blue eyes, white feet and white gauntlets on the back of the rear legs.



Colour & GCCF designation Comments

Seal point


Very dark  'plain' chocolate coloured points to face legs and tail with an overall golden hue to the white coat

Blue point


Slate Gray colour to points, face & legs with a whiter glacial hue to the body colour

Chocolate Point


Similar to the Seal point but with a more milk chocolate colouring.

Lilac Point


Similar to the blue point but with a paler almost pinky hue to the face markings.

Red Point


A hot red colour on the face, legs & tail and an overall apricot hue to the white coat

Seal Tortie Point


A mixture of seal and red or cream on the face, legs & tail

Cream point


Similar to the red point but with a more biscuity colour in the face and points.

Blue Tortie


Similar to the seal tortie but with blue (grey) mixed with the red.


Seal Tabby point

The tabby variants of the Birman follow the same colour varieties as the solid colours but the face, legs and tail  all have barring


Blue Tabby Point

Tabbies are often distinguishable by the letter "m" on the forehead and may have  pink nose leather.