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An Introduction to Tarkusha Birmans




Tarkusha History

The early days of Tarkusha Birmans



Our first Birman Schwemaydaw Sheona, a Seal Point female, joined us in 1992. Little did we realise at the time just what we were letting ourselves in for and just how much of our lives would be taken over by this fascinating and beautiful breed of cat.   Sheona became a Grand Champion and Premier  before retiring from the show scene . Many of her descendants  are continuing to carry the Tarkusha banner and are being successfully shown both by us and by other people.  Sheona died in 2008.

The Tarkusha prefix was  granted to us by the G.C.C.F. in 1993 when we bred our first litter of kittens. Tarkusha Solitaire (Blue), now a Champion and Grand Premier,  and her sister Tarkusha Tamsin (Seal). At the time we were advised  to sell both kittens - "You never keep your first litter of kittens". Fortunately for us we didn't follow that advice as Tamsin, although not  show quality herself, has  been the mother of Gr. Ch. Tarkusha Princeofthieves (the first Birman ever to win a 'Supreme' title when he was "Supreme Kitten" at the 1995  Supreme Show) and also,  UK Gr. Ch & UK Imperial Gr. Premier  Tarkusha Zinfandel who was the Birman Cat Clubs top Blue Point exhibit for 1998 and  'Best of Variety Semi-Long Hair' at The Supreme Show in 1999 and is the first blue point Birman to hold the double UK title  and in March 2007 became the first blue point to hold the double UK and Imperial Gr Pr titles ! In 2009 at the age of 13 1/2 Zinny was Best in Show Neuter at The Birman Cat Club show - the oldest cat in competition!

 We have been showing one of Zinfandel's kittens Gr.Pr Tarkusha Matisse  and a grand daughter Gr Ch & UK Imperial Gr Pr Tarkusha Helenoftroy (Ellle) who have both  been doing well on the show bench. Ellie is particularly well liked by the judges for her superb 'type' and temperament. Ellie has ten Olympian certificates and needs one more for her Bronze Olympian title.

Tamsin has now been retired but we showed another of her babies  Gr. Pr. Tarkusha Raffles  a Seal Tabby  boy who  became Tamsin's third titled baby when he won his Premier title . 

We are situated in the South East of England, approximately 40 miles South of London and about 30 minutes from London Gatwick Airport. 

We are always pleased to welcome visitors from  the UK or  from  around  the world  for a ‘cat chat’, to show off our kittens or our beautiful adult Birmans. We have adult cats in Seal, Blue, Red, Seal Tabby and Blue Tabby - and at times  during the year we will have some gorgeous Birman babies who will be looking for  new homes and new people to captivate!